REclarity™ - *FREE* Real Estate Video Message Maker

The easy-to-use Zoom and Point™ (ZAP) image-based Video Message Maker for Real Estate Professionals.

For a ONE TIME upgrade of only $9.99, you get 30 images or the first 30 pages of a PDF and a full 5 minutes of recording time! Pricing is NOT per video, NOT per month, just ONE TIME! For and additional $14.99 (ONE TIME), you can personalize your video with your own branding that includes up to 3 different watermarks and signature pages.

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Stop typing and start talking!

REclarity is a FREE easy-to-use mobile app that enables Real Estate professionals to create and share personalized ZAP (Zoom and Point™) video messages that combine their photos, voice and gestures to help them communicate with unprecedented clarity to clients, contractors and co-workers.

Use REclarity To:

Communicate precisely with contractors and service providers...

Send a precisely tailored Zoom and Point video to your client...

Add comments to a PDF document for a client, colleague or partner...

REclarity is Perfect for...


Property Managers
Insurance Pros
Contractors / Handymen

Leases and Rentals
And so much more...


Stop typing and start talking!

Creating and sharing emails and texts with images can be difficult and frustrating.

Often it's difficult to say exactly what you mean; you’re either limited to too few characters, or adding text means endless autocorrect problems and time invested in typing. With REclarity™ video messages you can share images as if you were there in person, with your voice. Simply Zoom and Point™ as you speak to your images, and in just a few moments you have easily created and shared a personalized, crystal clear video message. No frustration. No typing. No hassles.

Use REclarity to send a specific, personal Zoom and Point™ (ZAP) video message that communicates as if you were there in person:

Showcase key features of a listing or a vacancy that is tailored to a particular client’s needs or desires.

Provide specific instructions or requests to contractors for repairs, property management or staging issues.

Engage or follow up with customers and clients to answer questions with remarkable clarity.

Share visual status on repair work or construction.

Report and describe property damage or areas in need of attention.


09AUG2015 - Easy way to communicate difficult information!

19AUG2015 - REclarity a fast, easy way to enrich marketing media Creating a slideshow is as simple as explaining what's on each photo...

  • We manage about 1,000 rental properties and have runners go out to the sites to provide status updates on the condition of the properties. This will make it so much faster and easier. WAY better than an email with picture attachments...


  • REclarity is awesome! I plan to have my whole office use it. I love how simple and fast it is to make a personalized video message for my clients and service providers.


  • I can see so many uses for this app, and the personal touch it will add for my clients is great!


  • This (app) is easily the best thing I saw at the show. Very exciting!