About the REclarity Private Label Program

REclarity Private Label Apps provide extensive Customer-approved branding, including adding the Customer’s logo to the App Icon, Start Screen, Watermark and Signature. Distribution of REclarity Private Label Apps is via the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and downloads are controlled by a Customer Administrator (or optionally by Jigsaw) who limits access by distributing Apple VPP provided “Redemption Codes” to authorized users. Pricing for REclarity Private Label Apps starts at $2,500 USD, including one year of software updates. Lead-time is typically 4-6 weeks from the date Jigsaw receives Customer artwork. Options for the discounted buyout of REclarity IAPs, creative services, user admin, additional customization and Android support are also available. For more info please email info@jigsaw.info.

Order your REclarity Private Label Customization Service and Options Today

1. Basic Customization Package: $2,500 USD

Includes REclarity V1.1 or then current version for iOS 8 or later Apple mobile devices submitted to the Apple VPP and customized with the following
Customized App Icon with Your Logo and "REclarity-XXX" App Name
Customized Start Screen with Your Logo
Customized Logo or Text Based Watermark (with either Rectangular Logo with Transparency or Text Based URL, Company Name, etc.)
Customized Signature with Your Logo and Call to Action Text-based Watermark (URL, Company Name, etc.)
Includes Customer Review of Customized Assets for Approval (3 day), Jigsaw Submission to Apple VPP and 1 Year of REclarity Software Updates from Time of Submission.

Allow 4-6 Weeks for Customization and Submission to the Apple Volume Purchase Program after we have received your payment and your artwork.
After paying, please submit your artwork via email to info@reclarity.net.

2. Optional 1 Year of Platinum Support: $2,500 USD

Includes Jigsaw administration of VPP download codes for up to 100 users, video conference based training (up to 3 sessions), telephone and email support.

3. Optional Logo Treatment Service: $1,000 USD

Jigsaw's amazing creative team will provide 3 treatments and one set of revisions of your logo for use in your REclarity private label app and elsewhere.
Service may add 1 - 2 weeks to overall app customization and submission time.

4. Buy-out of In-App-Purchases:

Buy out of all IAPs (in app purchases) at a discount for your employees. Ask Jigsaw for a quotation.

5. Android Version Customization: $5,000 USD

Available approximately 12 Weeks After Receipt of Purchase.
Must be purchased in addition to iOS version.

We will need to collect the following information after your purchase..

1. Your Company Name
2. Your Company Address
3. The Name of Contact for Purchasing
4. The Purchasing Contact's Email Address
5. The Purchasing Contact's Telephone Number
6. The Names of Contacts for Artwork & Approvals
7. The Approval's Contact Email
8. The Approval's Contact Telephone Number
9. Your Company URL (website address)

We also need the following artwork and information to complete your customization…

1. A Square or Rectangular Logo in EPS or PNG format for App Icon, Start Screen and Signature
2. A 3-Letter Designator for their App Name (REclarity-XXX)
2. A Rectangular Logo in EPS or PNG with Transparency OR URL or other text-base call to action for Watermark
3. Your URL, Phone Number or other text-based call to action for the Signature screen.